Rotary of Whitley Bay Visit

It was a privilege for our club to get a visit from the Rotary club of Whitley Bay. Members of Rotary Whitley bay were past members of Rotaract.

Our clubs met at the Paradiso restaurant, who kindly let us have the entire second floor to ourselves.

We all introduced ourselves and shared our stories. We learned about the equality progress of Rotary clubs in recent years and the history of various traditions and rules of Rotaract clubs past.

John Clarkson (current president) formally handed over the Rotaract bell and lectured to Rotaract Club of Tyneside President (Kyle Griffiths).

It was an absolute honour to receive something with significant value and history within Rotary.

Our club continued with our normal meeting and shared our club project ideas and future prospects.

Whitley bay learned of the Great Exhibition of the North, a huge government-funded project that will heavily focus on the achievements of the North of England.

The meeting was split around our food, some people had a starter and a main course. I soon found value in the club bell! When topics trailed or discussions split I summoned the power of the bell much to Steve’s enjoyment (or not!)

Whitley Bay’s club was able to help us by contributing ideas for both the Christmas meal and our involvement in the art emporium. They provided good feedback for many of the items on our agenda.

I hope our clubs will continue to keep in touch and share valuable skills and networking.


Thank you John Clarkson for allowing us to carry the Rotaract Bell of Whitley Bay forward into the future. I hope we do it proud.