Rotary Games for the Disabled 2018

The Rotary Disability Games was a lovely day out and gave us all the opportunity to try out some new sports like archery and assist the players with the sports they were playing.

Volunteers from Rotary poured out in full force this year with every event well-staffed allowing the day to run smoothly as ever.

Rob was working on table tennis which was a perfect fit he loves to play ping pong! While he was counting scores Marlen helped with fetching the balls, which was especially important when one or both of the players were in a wheelchair.

Alice and Kyle both worked on the wheelchair slalom event. Alice’s experience as a teacher brought the event alive within moments! It was great to see how competitive some of the participants were getting, some of them were going far as using the speed bump to get a rolling start past the start line! One competitor, in particular, went so fast he was skidding around the cones and after completing the reversing manoeuvre took off so fast they pulled a wheelie!

Throughout the day we made acquaintance some of the local Rotary members who helped organise and run such a fantastic event as well as some of the players. We had time to know our fellow Tyneside Rotaractors taking advantage of the beautiful weather and having a picnic on the grass. We even had a bit of friendly competition between us with table tennis which was great. We all really enjoyed the day look forward to next year!