Foodbank Collection

If you want your faith in humanity restored Byker Morrisons really gave meaning to the word generosity!

Our club had a great turnout setting up our own booth ready to collect food for the Newcastle west-end foodbank. Everyone in the club made it throughout the day. We had a table, some boxes for the food and our Rotaract banner.


The day started slowly, with some people giving us glances and darting past in the hurry.

We had split our team in two making sure we have both of the entrances to the store.

Marlen started to catch people as they came into the store to ask if they would like to donate to the cause and before you know it the food started to pile in.

After the first hour, we thought we might fill the table and the floor below. Not only did we smash that expectation but people were going out of their way to shop specifically for us!

We were getting arms full of groceries, baskets, and some even gave us multiple bags! At one point we were taking it to the car as fast as it was coming in.

At the end of the day, we moved the last of it to fill both cars with a whole variety of foods including pasta, sauces, hot dogs, baby food, instant noodles and much more.

Beth went with Rosemary (Rotary Tyneside club’s President) to the foodbank and delivered the over 50 bags of food.

The staff at the West End foodbank were very welcoming and were kind enough to give a brief tour. The dedicated staff provide hot meals for around 80 people a day in the on-site kitchen and dining area.

Grocery packages are provided for each family through charitable donations, both from the general public and companies such as Greggs and Warburtons.

We hope to work with this organisation again in the future and will be liaising with them to identify the gaps in supply where we could be most useful.