Edinburgh Whiskey Weekend

One of the great things about being a Rotaractor is that you’re not only part of your local club but also get the chance to meet other Rotaractors from all around!

The 2018 Whiskey Weekend hosted by the Rotaract Club of Edinburgh has been another amazing event to connect with people of all different nationalities.

On Friday evening, four of us took the train to Edinburgh where we met our host for the weekend.

After we dropped off our luggage we headed to the student union building to have a few drinks with the other Rotaractors. It was great to see some familiar faces as well as meet many new people!

The next morning started off with a traditional English breakfast, including some Haggis and black pudding for some of us. Then it was time for a treasure hunt! Split up in groups we followed a bunch of riddles and cues that took us around Edinburgh’s city centre.

After we had some time to have some food and relax in the student union (including a big group massage circle for extra relaxtion!) we headed to the main event of the weekend: the whiskey tasting.

The initial tour introduced us to the history and production of whiskey and the different regions of Scotland in which whiskey is made.

We could choose one of those regions to taste a whiskey from and after we were taught how the whiskey should be nosed and tasted we were led to the world’s biggest whiskey collection. There, it was finally time to try our whiskeys!

After this, we could try four more whiskies from each of Scotland’s main whisky-producing regions: Lowlands, Highlands, Speyside and Islay.

In the evening it was time for another typical Scottish and fun experience: a night of Ceilidh, a traditional social dance.

On Sunday we ended the weekend with a little hike up the peak of Arthur’s Seat, which gave us a great view over the city.

Afterwards, it was already time to say good-bye to the first people who had to catch their trains and planes back home. Our club still had some time to visit another cafe and have some dinner until we had to head to back to Newcastle as well.

With many new connections and memories made it has been a weekend to remember!