Rotaract Tyneside is excited to announce it’s newest project to date, fundraising for St Oswald’s, a Hospice for children, teenagers and young adults with life-limiting conditions.

Initially, with the goal of creating a project for International Children’s Day 2016, the team decided to contact St Oswald’s Hospice with the view to fundraise money, in order to make a real difference to the lives of those residing within the Hospice.

In July 2016, Sam and Ali visited the Hospice and after discussing some ideas back and forth with the Hospice’s Management Team, an extremely exciting plan was formed.

After outlining the club’s desire to make a long term positive impact, Ali and Sam were shown a recently installed high-tech bathroom in the Hospice.

As shown by the pictures below, the bathroom includes a Bluetooth sound system, allowing those living in the hospice to relax in a bath, listening to their favourite artist. The LED lighting system means that the room’s colour changes, helping the patients to unwind.

Susan Jones explained how the bathroom has proven to be a revelation in the Hospice, with queues to use the exciting new gadgets.

When asked what Rotaract Tyneside could do to really make a difference within the Hospice, the answer was clear, fundraise enough money so the Hospice could install another bathroom with the same characteristics.